About us

Liverpool Marketing Solutions was founded in February 2011 to meet a growing client demand for outsourced sales and marketing services.

Increasingly our clients have found that whilst traditional forms of marketing (TV, Radio, Print, Telesales, Leaflets, Mailers and Internet) provide great brand awareness the results (i.e. the amount of new customers they bring in) falls short of the amount of money invested.

By utilizing a simple yet direct approach, Liverpool Marketing Solutions offer guaranteed results for our clients; this means that we can tailor our campaigns to the specific needs and goals of our client. The direct marketing strategies used are not only considered cost effective for the client, but there is rapid delivery of their products and services to market, and very flexible targeting.

We have the systems in place that allow us to meet with potential customers in their place of work, at a small event in a local venue or in the comfort of their home. This allows us to provide excellent customer service and generate genuine loyalty from the customer to our client and encourage repeat business in the future. So we look for people who have genuine interest in our clients’ products, not people who we have to convince. Therefore our team of people operate on a presentation and consultation format not the aggressive “hard sell”.