Liverpool Marketing Solutions attends Outsourced Sales Conference

Managing Director of Liverpool Marketing Solutions, Christopher Haynes, took the short route down the M6 this weekend to attend a much awaited quarterly conference for up and coming entrepreneurs.

Liverpool Marketing Solutions announce the conference was designed to educate and inspire young business men and women across the United Kingdom. “These meetings are great for young entrepreneurs to come into contact and gain influence from industry experts to hopefully aid their development” says Christopher Haynes of Liverpool Marketing Solutions, who was one of the Key note speakers.

Based at Lancashire County Cricket Club, 500 aspiring professionals congregated to fill out the venue’s largest conference room ‘The Point’. These conferences are held on a quarterly basis to provide a stable foundation for young people to successfully enter into entrepreneurship. As a young entrepreneur himself, Christopher Haynes of Liverpool Marketing Solutions was asked to share his knowledge on team management and motivational management practices. “I look at team management as the first stepping stone every business owner must master as you are only as good as the people you work with,” stated Christopher Haynes, “These sporting venues are also a fitting tribute to our competitive and fast-paced industry.”

Branching into subcategories of brand identity, building relationships, and leading from the front, Christopher Haynes of Liverpool Marketing Solutions delivered a half-hour taster of man management. “The main focus of my seminar was how to guide leaders rather than lead followers. Additionally, it emphasized the Law of Explosive Growth which outlines how to make a business multiply rapidly rather than steadily grow.”

From the reception by the crowd, all guest speakers including Mr. Haynes were well received and all attendants seemed to take a keen interest judging by the question and answers session at the end. “I was very proud to be able to speak for the very first time at one of these events as they demonstrate a certain level of success for me as a business owner; I look forward to doing it again in the near future” says Christopher Haynes of Liverpool Marketing Solutions.



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